Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fred's fourth

Acted cranky
Got over it

Went out to lunch with Mommy

Frosted his birthday cake with his sister

Don't forget the sprinkles!

Birthday dinner and dessert..... Rainforest Cafe!!

Birthday cake!

Cake, presents, and Skype with his Nani.  No better way to round out the day.

My baby is four

There really aren't words to describe the feeling when your child reaches a milestone or birthday.  I'll just say that my two children have been the light of my life, and seeing my son develop and grow has been an amazing journey.  He and his sister are so different in so many ways, but also so much the same.  Ethel loves her little brother to pieces, and spent much of the week drawing him some great pictures.  The first thing she did today was wish him happy birthday and wrap her arms around him, and kissed the top of his head.  Then she rushed downstairs to get the pictures and presented them to him with a big "Happy birthday!".  It was the sweetest thing.  She remembers small bits of that weekend in the hospital when she first saw him, first held him, and spent hours hiding in the tiny cabinets in the room.  She amazes me each and every day.

I'm one!
I'm two!
I'm three!
I'm four!  I'm the birthday boy!
My first gifts today, pictures from my sister.  She's my favorite.