Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let's do this - Shut Up + Run: 2nd Annual Virtual Run for Sherry

Shut Up + Run: 2nd Annual Virtual Run for Sherry

I wasn't able to participate in last year's Virtual Run for Sherry, seeing as I could barely walk at the time. This year I'm back in my shoes and will be running for Sherry on my Saturday morning run.

Click the link above to learn more about the run, and how you can participate. Then spread the word and get your friends out on February 9th!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flu, boogers, wine, and running.

Rather than summarize the last several months in any detail, I'll just bullet point a few highlights. Nothing frilly or special, but a general update of sorts.

  • Ran last race of the year in July. Walking like Fred Sanford again. Checked out from running.
  • Wonderful family trip to Door County in August. Seems a week just isn't enough, especially when one of the kids is oozing gunk and coughing in your face.
  • Turned 40. Surprise visit from Mom. Husband threw a surprise party. Lots of fun, wine, and beer. Recycling guy, not so happy.
  • Ethel got glasses. Holy cute. Holy channeling my grandmother when she wears them.
  • Tried to go balls out Paleo Diet on the family. Crash. Burn. Sticking to it, myself, the best I can.
  • Ethel turned 8. Pulled off fun craft with her friends at her small birthday party. Impressed even myself. Will share craft another time. Let me continue to be impressed with myself for a while before letting everyone in on it.
  • Started back to running. Slowly. Very little bits at a time. Going slowly is difficult.
  • Thanksgiving strep throat. Z-Pack. Awesome.
  • Threw the amazing wine and cheese party (17th "annual"). Best one yet. Can we do that again?? Now??
  • Best Christmas Eve dinner ever. Yes, mine. Hosted family friends, knocked it out of the park. Must use the good china more often.
  • Christmas Eve strep. Christmas Eve flu for Fred. Pass the wine.
  • Poor Fred. At least he's not missing school, but being sick over Christmas break sucks major lemons. Hot toddy anyone?
  • New Year's head cold. Let's pile on some more because my strep and Fred's flu weren't quite enough. Add in a 36 hour "bug" that sends Daddy to bed for a day and we've hit pay dirt. Why settle with just hot toddys? Is there any more wine?
  • Sinus infection. Just as Fred recovers from his flu, my head cold turned deadly for my right sinus cavity. One more cough from Fred, or runny nose for me, and I could end up on the news.
  • One more day stuck at home and Mommy will become feral. Send help. And wine.
  • Not enough wine. Need something stronger. Save us all.
  • Winter has set in. Single digits. Frozen boogers. Good times.
We have managed to emerge from the fog that surrounded us for the two weeks the kids were off from school. My sinuses are now mostly clear. I am out of wine. For now.

Seriously, though, the best news is that I'm running again. I started back, one mile at a time, in mid-November. I returned to my Saturday group runs that month, and after the first of the year I returned to my Monday night group runs, in hopes to eventually add Wednesdays, too. Built back to 5 miles, did one easy 6 mile run, and am feeling good. No hip pain, just trying to get the IT bands to get along with the program. They're stubborn, and we argued a lot when I first started running a few years ago. I know they'll catch on. I always win.

I am coasting along as the co-president of our PTO at the kids' school, taking full blame responsibility next year. Further evidence that I am glutten for punishment.

Fred is currently obsessed with sports scores. He skipped right past obsession with numbers in general, now he's either a number savant, or he's going to be a really good bookie. I'm hoping for the latter, as it seems more lucrative. We'll see. But if you want to know the score from any of the Bears games this past season, or the score from the Raisins {Ravens} game, Fred's your man.

Ethel reads like it's her job. So I tell her, it's her job.

I leave you with those nuggets for now. Once I get my ADD brain under control, there is more to come. And soon. Promise.