Saturday, January 23, 2010

Those poor ears

I should update on our sleepless week. We slept well Thursday night after I dosed Fred up really well before bed time with some Tylenol and Motrin and got this room nice and steamy. We had a morning appointment with the ped, who confirmed an ear infection in the right ear.

In addition to the EI, Fred had some wheezing in his lower lungs, so she recommended the use of the inhaler to help clear that up.

He's on a 5-day z-pac and we've done the inhaler a couple times, one being right before bed last night. Mistake. Child + Albuterol + bed time = not going to sleep for hours.

Fred got tubes in December of '08 and we've had great success so far. Unfortunately, it seems that the one in the right (the infected) ear has probably fallen out. We hope this EI is just a one time deal, but will watch to see if it recurs in that ear, and then we'll have to consider replacing that tube.

I would like to wait it out to see if he grows out of it, since he'll be 3 in March, but knowing my and my mom's history of ear problems, I am not confident that he will.

For now, he's on the meds, on the mend, and Mommy is enjoying some morning coffee without any grumps in the house. For now.