Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby steps...it's the small things...

My big three year old

As a working mom, one has to acknowledge early on that their children may reach certain milestones while not in the presence of their parents. We take this burden with us as we move along in the working world, and try to cast this thought from our minds and only accept said milestones when they occur and we are there to witness them. Things like first steps, first teeth breaking through, first words spoken are all things that won't ever officially happen until Mommy and Daddy actually see it happen. When we, the parents, witness such an event, it's like a new beginning, a new path to explore, and a new story to share at the office.

There have been days when it bothers me to know that another person might hear my child's first word, except when I learn that it's a swear word, then I'm glad they didn't say that to me. When the first tooth breaks, I'm glad I wasn't the first person they bit with that tooth. And when they take their first steps, I'm glad I wasn't there when they walked right into a wall (although I likely would have laughed at that). I like to see the bright side of these events and remind myself of the mantra I adopted when I first placed Ethel in the swing that first day in day care - "It doesn't happen until I see it happen". Come on, as parents, we all know that phrase, don't try to tell me you don't!

So, this is why I hope you'll understand what I'm about to write below. The last few months, it's all been hearsay and rumour, and I don't believe this has ever happened before. I mean, for as little as my efforts have afforded me at home this summer, it's likely they may very well have been lying to me at day care, who knows. So, guess what happened this morning!


I danced, I yelled, I cheered, I hugged him, I clapped, I celebrated! Ethel laid there on Fred's bed, tired and cold, playing her role as Ms. Crabby Pants in the morning.  She wasn't quite as excited as I was.  Hm.

I just had to share this victory.  Thanks for reading, if you did.