Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome to Hot Confidence

Welcome to my new home.  Still working out some of the details, but overall I've begun to settle in and make it home.

So, what the hell is Hot Confidence anyway?  Honestly, I have no idea.  The title was born from a typo I made one day a couple months ago, and it seems to have stuck.  Confidence is something that doesn't come easy for many, including myself.  HOT confidence is even harder to achieve, but can be defined any way you please.

I have spent the past 15 months trying to build up my confidence and have done many things to accomplish that.  I've talked it out, I've redirected my focus, I've started running.  I've cleaned my physical house, as well as my emotional one.  Well, I've tried.

This whole blog won't be about confidence, though.  Heck, it won't even BE confident at times, I'm sure.  Just thought the name was cool.  :)

So, welcome to my new home, and thanks for riding along here.  I'll try to keep things interesting, but I make no promises.  The life of a suburban working/telecommuting wife and mother of two who runs, drinks coffee, drinks wine, plays ball, tries to read, and burns the candle at both ends, among other things, isn't always as thrilling as it would be if it were a movie about the same woman played by someone like Sandra Bullock and whose husband were played by Ben Affleck.  Ya, none of that here, sorry.

Still, I thank you for joining me here!