Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ally McBeagle

Once upon a time, there was an adorable little Beagle puppy.  She found a home filled with love and companionship, and soon she even gained a Beagle brother.  Ally grew up to be a beautiful girl who loved tissues in trash cans, walks with her brother, and "hugging".  Most of all, she was the best pal of a good pal of mine.  Ethel and Fred spent long weekends with Ally, and Ethel enjoyed dressing her up from time to time.  Yesterday, Ally's heart overflowed with the love she received all these years, and found her way to Doggy Heaven.

For my friend, Jen Garry*, I am remembering Ally McBeagle, her floppy ears, her kisses, her "hugs", and the happiness she brought to my friend.

April 2010 - adorned by Ethel

*Name changed because that's what you do when you talk about people on the internet.