Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hot home remodel

As sad as it is for me, we are now finally making the room which was the nursery for both kids into a real guest room/home office.  It's been over a year since we moved Fred into his 'big boy' room, and this room has needed an identity for quite some time.  It's the room my mom stays in when she visits, and the room where we keep our computer and files.  With my mom arriving in a few weeks, it was time to make this room a real guest room and home office.
The proverbial 'before' picture

Last weekend we went to The Container Store and chose a suitable Elfa system to house the computer, bills, a small TV, and files.  I chose a new bed to replace the day bed, which I've had since junior high school.  We'll get new trim for the closet, window, and door, and actually get closet doors, which the room has always lacked.  The room is finally going to grow up!

It is bittersweet for me.  This was Ethel and Fred's first room.  This is where they each spent their first couple of years, and we worked really hard to make it the nursery.  My grandmother made the little curtains and valance which have always since hung on the window.  I wish she could be here to help make new ones, but that's a project my mom and I will work on when she arrives next month, and they'll be just as special.

The walls are painted, now we need to complete the trim work, paint the baseboards, and move on to window and door trim.  This week we'll start installing our shelving.  I can't wait for the room to be finished!

Who better to help prime than the kids?!

Walls primed, let's get to the color!

We're getting closer!