Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Exfoliative keratolysis: good update

After years of struggling with peeling, bleeding hands, I can safely say that the skin on my hands has never been as healthy as it is today.  I'm still using the products I mentioned in my last update, and here's how they're working. 

Aside from a couple small air blisters which have surfaced, my hands have been free of peeling for at least two months.  I have been using the Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring CoQ10, and it's wonderful.  I am still happy with the product, and my 4.5 oz tube has been plenty over the last month or two since I bought it.  I use it throughout the day, and reapply when I wash my hands or when they start to feel dry.  When I do see a blister, I apply the lotion to that area, and it seems to mitigate the damage that could otherwise occur.  I'll invest in another tube soon, and a pump of it for the house. 

As for my feet, I've found equal success from using Kerasal.  I noticed a difference in my feet within two days (reduced irritation from deep peeling, healing peeled areas, and softening of the skin on the heel and ball of foot, as well as other rough areas).  I am a runner, and my feet take a good beating, but looking at them now, you'd never know.  My heels are not peeling now, and show no signs of cracking or bleeding like they normally do this time of year.  Within two weeks or so, my feet were completely healed and showed no signs of the previous peeling and cracking that they had for months prior.  I used the first tube pretty quickly, using it daily for just under one week, then weekly for a few weeks.  I'm on my second tube, and by using it weekly I estimate it will last me another month or two (I use less for maintainence than I did to stimulate healing), unless I have another flare with peeling.  I just learned from their web site that they have a rewards program, and a free sock offer, so I'll be jumping on that for sure!

I'm no foot or hand model, so you won't get any pictures, sorry about that.  Suffice it to say, I'm typing this with no pain, no Band-Aids on my fingers, and no swelling anywhere on my hands.  It's amazing the difference that using the right topical products has made in the health of the skin on my hands and feet.  I'm so glad I did the research and found something that works.  I hope that if you're suffering from something similar, that you're able to find relief, as well.