Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maiden voyage for the new kicks, Puma FAAS 500

I am dead tired, slightly sore (in a good way, which will only make sense to some), and can't really think enough for a whole review, but, I wanted to at least say something about tonight's run.

A)  The shoes feel great.  They are light, comfortable, and I definitely felt the difference in my legs.  No IT pain, no hamstring pain after the hill repeats, and nothing bothered me on the run to and from the hill (about 2.5 miles each way).
B)  It went from an Asics Gel-Kayano, which is super supportive, to this shoe which is more minimal.  Drastic difference in feeling, but, a good one.
C)  When going from support to minimalist, don't do what I did and go balls out for 7.83 miles, including 10 balls out hill repeats, for your first run in the new shoe.  Work your way up. 
D)  This shoe will be a great shoe for the track workouts in the spring. 
E)  I just felt like I needed another bullet point for some reason.

Overall, I like the shoes.  My only issue tonight was that because I went so far in them my first time out in them, and not only far but did hill repeats, I found that they rubbed my foot on the balls of the feet and there's a bit of a blister forming.  I have slathered up in my foot cream and think the blistering will be minimal.  After tonight's run I went back into the store and the manager and I talked about what was going on.  She mentioned that one possibility is that my foot needs to adjust to the BioRide and should adjust in about a week's time.  If not, it's possible that the contour of the shoe isn't matching with the contour of my foot, and we'll need to explore another avenue.  Either way, I'll adjust or I won't and we'll keep the shoe or we'll try another.  That's the long and short of it.  It's the right size, but, time, and a few more runs, will tell if this is the right shoe for me.

I really need to get to bed now.  We've got snow coming our way tonight (finally!), and walking my daughter to school (and having to take her brother with us) tomorrow ought to be enough of a challenge, let alone if I'm exhausted!