Thursday, February 9, 2012

Will they remember me?

I went to the hill workout last night. Everyone was supportive and glad I was back, and all advised caution for my return. I went 1/2 way up the hill twice, just slowly jogging it, and it was sore. I opted to jog with a couple girls about 1/2 mile, and that hurt, so I stopped for the rest of the time. I drove to and from the hill, so I wasn't overdoing it.

I've decided to suck it up and look at PT. My main concern is cost, but my other concern is whether they'll actually do anything. My only experience with PT was in college when I badly strained the ligaments on the outside of my right foot. They basically put my foot in the hot tub and gave me a resistance band along with a semi-solid removable cast. It didn't do much and I really didn't get anything out of it. For this, my fear is that they'll tell me to do stretching like what I already found on You Tube, and I'll be out another several hundred dollars, and 6 hours of my time.

Poor running gear, how I miss you so...
I don't want to appear, on one hand, weak, but also don't want to be over dramatic in getting PT for a muscle strain. At the same time, I had lots of people telling me last night how they got PT for various injuries and how much it helped them. I guess, to sum it up, I feel stupid getting PT. There, I said it.

So I'm not going to run this weekend as I'd hoped. This is really starting to bum me out. I never saw myself as someone who would have to battle an injury like this, and the more I read about it, the more I see that this can be a serious one.

I miss my gear.  My new shoes.  My new running skirt.  My new Knuckle Lights.  My {two year old} Garmin.  Will they recognize me when we reunite?  I miss the road.  The feeling.  The challenge.  The progress I was making.  The miles I have yet to run.

And finally - why me?

There, I'm done wallowing. Done.