Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Running on air

My nirvana

I ran last night. I ran last night. I RAN LAST NIGHT!!!!

I did the zero gravity treadmill, and it.is.awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!

Here is my summary of the machine.

The Alter-G is cool because:

*It looks like something from The Jetsons

*The shorts you wear on it are Richard Simmons awesome

*It's a "g-thing", and things with 'g' in the name are just cool

*It reminds me of Ali G, and he is funny, albeit a whack job

......and............wait for it.........

I ran 1.5 miles! First time in my kicks in almost two months!! Pelvic injury sucks, but the Alter-G makes it suck less.

My legs were a little off last night, but again, not as bad as my last visit. It's slowly getting back in place. My lower back, actually the back of my pelvis, was hurting yesterday, which he said is normal. When two bones begin to realign, of course there will be pressure or pain. So he confirmed that I was OK with him doing an adjustment on me, which I most certainly was. He said some people will only let their chiropractor adjust them, but I am happy to have anyone who knows how crack and twist and adjust to their heart's content. I can't put in to words what relief I felt. I could, but it would take a while and lots of cheesy analogies that nobody cares to hear.

He adjusted me, stretched me, and sent me to do my exercises. I like these exercises. They are dynamic, they challenge me, and I can see my progress each time I do them. Squats, steps, stretching, it's all glorious.

I was expecting that to be all I did, but he had more for me. Instead of waiting until Thursday, he told me I'd be running on the Alter-G last night. Did you see the heavens open? I did. Oh, it was like the sun just opened up and shone glorious joy upon us.

This is not me.  I look better.  And I was smiling.
The machine is basically a standard treadmill, but uses a mega fan to create pressure in a chamber that minimizes your body weight impact as you run on the belt. He let me do up to 1.5 miles, and wanted me to stay at 10 min/mile. I totally felt like taking off, but, the 'mill is unforgiving unless you manually change the pace, and since the PT Assistant was watching, I couldn't sneak faster. Still, I hovered between 70 and 76% body weight, and it felt good. I felt a little discomfort around 75-76%, but, nothing that kept me from feeling the elation of running again.

Endorphins, how I've missed you.

No doubt, I was sore last night when I got home. I took 2 Aleve, drank some water, and went to bed. This morning, no pain, but I took 2 Aleve again, and am back to doing my two 1,000u Vitamin D's, because D is good for joint health.

I feel so good today. This is the best I've felt since before I got hurts, almost two months ago.

I am really excited, and so hopeful now. I am so pleased with this progress. I am still going to have to work hard to strengthen my hips and abs and back, but now I have the tools to do that, and do it right.