Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finally, getting back to "normal"

What a crazy time it's been the last few weeks.  The whole family got hit with a terrible virus for about three weeks.  It couldn't hit us all at once and be done, no.  First was Ethel, then Hot Dad, then Fred, then me.  Oh, and of course it couldn't hit us all when we had little to nothing to do, no.  It hit Hot Dad just days before a trip to Vegas with friends, and hit me while he was gone, which was just days before I left for my annual trip to the Kentucky Derby.

So, between virus and travel, my time online has been very limited.  I promise to catch up with everyone and update my entries before the weekend is over!

Oh, and I am done with physical therapy and once my schedule loosens up, I can run all I like!  Yeah!!