Thursday, July 19, 2012

Take me (us) out to the ball game!

For Hot Dad's birthday back in May, I bought him us tickets to a Cubs game.  You need not question or criticize that we're fans, just accept it.  Some things in life are better unquestioned.

The game was this past Sunday, and it was the first time the kids have been to a ball park.  At ages 7 and 5, we figured they were at a decent age where they could enjoy the atmosphere, perhaps pay some attention to parts of the game, and selfishly Hot Dad and I got to enjoy a game at Wrigley for the first time in a few years.  Plus, with no diapers to lug and no stroller to push, it would be logistically pretty easy.

It was, and the kids had a blast!  The Cubs won which made it that much sweeter.  Here are some pics from our adventure!

Our first time riding the El!

Lunch at Sports Corner

Short nap to recharge

Cool helmets!

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The train ride was the highlight of the day