Saturday, September 8, 2012

I promise to return, very soon

I have to admit, I've been in a bit of a funk.  Not running, busy schedule, kids starting a new school year, and becoming involved in the PTO {insert "WTF?" here} have diverted my attention over the last month or so.  I do promise, though, to return to the blog. 

In summary, I haven't run since July 14th.  I started to let my injury get the best of me and bring me down.  I miss running terribly, and it's starting to take a toll on my mind.  It's time to recommit to getting back out there.

The kids started school; Ethel is in 2nd grade and Fred is in kindergarten.  Kindy is full day (WOO HOO!!), and I'm adjusting to not having him with me when I work from home as much as he's adjusting to being in school.  Both kids are doing well in school.

Fred has given us a run for our money lately.  He seems to be exhibiting anxiety which has developed some frustrating habits (OCD) and truly awful behaviours (defiance, for the most part).  It is emotionally exhausting, and we're all trying to help him through it, despite his tantrums and defiance.  Ethel shows moments of concern for him, peppered with her obvious displeasure with his habits.  Still, I'm confident we'll get through it and he'll be easier to be around before we know it.  I hope.

I'm about to turn 40, which is really not bothering me at all.  What is bothering me is that I was supposed to be training for the marathon, in better shape, and busy running at this point, and I'm not.  That's bothering me that turning 40.  Still, it's a fun milestone and I'll have to just have to be in better shape and training for the marathon at 41, that's all.

For now, all is well, albeit busy.  Hope to have some attention span soon to expand on the above to some degree in the near future.