Friday, January 13, 2017

The taking down of the trees...

This weekend, we will be finally stripping the house of signs of Christmas until it all reappears in November. For the record, we did unplug the lights outside, and we were NOT the last ones on the block to do so this year.

The holidays are always fun around our house with two cats, two kids, two adults, and two Christmas trees. Sounds like a land-locked Noah's Arc, doesn't it? I have to admit that it's better now than it used to be, but finding ornaments on the floor, or hearing a rustling from the other room while you're eating dinner are two things I could do without at the holidays.

One of the cats, to remain unnamed, ahem, but who has only one eye....likes to lick, climb, and play with the trees. The two eyed cat likes to wrestle and fight with the one eyed cat...particularly under the big tree. One might imagine fun and folly to ensue, but what really takes place is branches being dislodged and lights hanging lower and lower as the weeks drag on. And let's not forget those poor tree skirts. How many times do I have to fix the damn tree skirts?!

The fallen...

So this week, two eyed cat has decided that, in preparation for the taking down of the trees, it's time to return to her favorite past time - obsessing over the fish. I think she's trying to prove that she has interests that span beyond tormenting the Christmas trees.
Stalker. Or just dedicated.
Each year, the battle between the cats and the trees has its ups and downs. This year was no different. The cats are always up to the challenge that the trees pose with their sparkly lights, dangling ornaments, and cozy skirts. The trees are undefeated, not falling for the cats and their tricks.

And so, this weekend, it all comes to an end once again.

Dear Cats,
Until next time. We won.
The Trees