Friday, June 25, 2010


Fred's Trigger Thumb

Monday was the consultation with the orthopaedic surgeon for Fred's crooked "fumb".  I need to remind myself that appointments during what is usually nap time are really not the best idea, but, that's beside the point.

I got to day care to find Fred on his cot, coughing and looking like death warmed over. Slight fever, hadn't fallen asleep (it was about 2:30), and was generally miserable. His teacher explained that he was wearing borrowed pants b/c he'd peed out his diaper and soaked his shorts, shoes, and socks. So, he was also barefoot. Guess I hadn't stocked his cubbie with extra clothes, gotta get on that.

Anyway, by the time we got to the orthopaedic office, he had a full-blown fever and was fairly hot to the touch. After waiting for a month to get this appointment, I wasn't canceling 15 minutes before the appointment, so we went in. Barefoot, and in borrowed pants. In 90 degree weather. If I'd seen us coming, I'd have thought to myself, "white trash coming through!", but, luckily there were very few people in the waiting room (which is also very large), and he charmed the one lady that was even remotely near us with his million questions (which doesn't charm me at all).

The doctor was awesome, her name is Dr. K. Great bedside manner with Fred. She explained the thumb thing, and the fix is just about as simple as the tubes were for his ears. Out patient, takes about 10 minutes for the actual procedure, and he goes home with a bandage around the hand. They use dissolvable stitches, we'll get some exercises to do after the bandage is off, and that's it. He'll only miss one week of swimming lessons.

Surgery is scheduled for the 6th of July. The "best" part is that the surgery is in the afternoon, and he can't eat after midnight! Craptastic!! I can't wait.

So, we got home from the appointment and he was truly miserable and passed out on the recliner. He slept all of a few hours total that night (thus, so did I), because he was coughing.all.night. If you didn't know better, you'd have thought this was a TB clinic the way he sounded. Ugh.

So, he and I were both "Happy Campers" on Tuesday.  Mommy had lots of coffee. What a fun morning.  Then, Pissy Patty woke up (a.k.a. Ethel). I had no idea Linda Blair entered our home and inhabited my tiny daughter, but, she was in rare form, with all but a spinning head. Wow.

I felt badly for Fred on Tuesday because he really wasn't feeling well and was coughing up a storm. Lack of sleep robs me of my empathy, though.  I couldn't wait for bedtime on Tuesday night.  Fred, luckily, was back to day care on Wednesday and has been doing much better.