Friday, June 25, 2010

Wild Kingdom, Part 3

See that?  See that fur in there?  Know what's in there?  BUNNIES!

Silly me, I assumed that baby bunny season was over.  I was wrong.  Last weekend we came across this quaint little patch of bunny fur nestled in the grass (and weeds) in the back yard.  I know there are babies in there, very fresh babies, because they spent much of the weekend moving around.  You can see the fur stir as they move in their little hole in the ground.  I check on them each morning before I leave for work, and after the kids go to bed.  The babies are hard to see through the fur, but, they are definitely tiny and new.  Daddy has seen Mama Bunny hopping around the yard, and he said he's sure it's her because she's got loose fur all about her body. 

We're quite hopeful for these little ones.  Should they actually survive and grow into rabbits, we will be that much closer to our petition to rezone and become a nature preserve.

Wish them (and us) luck.