Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The running chronicles, mystery no more...

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Runner Dude is no longer a mystery.  I figured it out yesterday afternoon after it had driven me crazy since Saturday.

I'm not going to release my methods for finding him and figuring out how I do, indeed, know Runner Dude.  I would seriously be questioned and found to be insane on a number of levels.  But really, who hasn't been driven nuts by a familiar looking face and then fed their curiosity, looking around at places online that you think might mention them?  Never?  OK, so I am nuts, now that's out of the way.

I do know Runner Dude, a.k.a. Tom*.  So, turns out that I worked with Tom.  Talked to him on several occasions.  Played some softball together over a summer or two.  Seeing him out of context, though, really tossed my brain overboard and I could not put his face into a familiar setting to save.my.life.  I am glad I wasn't curt or rude to him, but, feel badly for not connecting the dots.  I'm sure the same was the case for him, though, since he never did use my name when he'd talk to me in these random encounters.  Familiar face.  Out of place.  No name.  Talk it up and see what happens.  OK, I get it.  But how could I have not figured it out?!?!?  Seriously, I feel *this* big.

Where's Waldo - I Am WaldoImage by Moriartys via FlickrSo, the short-lived mystery of the Runner Dude has been solved.  Now that I know who he is, I'm less freaked out about the potential to run into him at a race in the near future.  He's no longer this "Where's Waldo" character that just pops up out of nowhere.  I will admit, though, that I feel rather sluggish after realizing what a crazy fast runner this kid is.  Makes my 26 minutes look like I was standing still.  

I plan to reach out to him and admit my huge brain fart of the last month.  Knowing what a nice natured guy he is, I'm sure he won't be offended.  At least I hope.  

Mystery solved!

*Names have been changed because that's what you do when you talk about people on the internet.
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