Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The running chronicles; where to go from here?

I have come to a turning point with my running.

I have to decide if I want to run or if I want to race.  That's right, run or race.  They are not one in the same.

Do I want to be fast or consistent?  Do I want to go long distance, or be fast at the shorter races?

Am I sacrificing anything by going either way?  Am I giving up endurance if I choose to be fast in the short race?  Am I sacrificing speed if I choose to be a long distance runner?

Am I over-thinking this?

I started doing this for fun; then it was to show myself I could; then it was to prove that I could; then I became competitive, and I keep getting faster.  Once I start cross training, I know I can do anything with it. 

Question is, what is it that I want to do with it?

It's not like, "What do I want to do with this rug now that I've moved the furniture?".  It's more a matter of finding the direction I want to go in, what kind of running do I want to do, and, essentially, what do I want to do with it?

Transferred from de.wikipedia.org http://de.wi...Image via Wikipedia I had a guy at the hamster wheel tonight (I've seen him there often) give me some good advice, which is what sparked this question for me.  He suggested I try an upcoming 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles).  I told him I'm not ready for that.  I just did two 8K's and a 5K and am hoping to work toward a 1/2 by end of summer.  "Just go, just do one", he encouraged.  Then he told me - just run it, don't race.  Don't race, just run it.  Enjoy it, have fun. 

Don't race.  Just run.  I have been thinking about that concept since he said that.  And how does one run, not race?

I'm not the fastest, I'm not the best, and I'm not breaking any records of any kind.  I am getting better, at least I am getting faster.  I'm working through my injuries and managing them the best I can.  I'm on the road to better health.  I'm seriously hooked.

But what is "getting better"?  Is it getting faster?  Is it going farther?  Is it feeling better while I'm running?

So, I am now at the point where I need to decide - do I want to run or do I want to race?

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