Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The running chronicles; that was a great run

Human sized hamster wheelImage by phyxiusone via FlickrI can't remember the last time I felt this good after a run (minus some knee pain, but let's ignore that for now).  The threat of rain forced me to the hamster wheel tonight and I wasn't really looking forward to it.  I hoped that my mind would get out of the way and let me have my run.  I just wanted to run.

The whole idea is to get it done.  Just run.  Remembering the sage words of the guy at the track on Monday - don't race, just run.

I tried not to start out too quickly, something I do all.the.time.  I get out there and go like a bat out of hell and before I know it, I'm tired.  From there, it's a struggle to go the distance.  This time, I took it a little easier and made sure it was a pace that I could keep, but a pace that I could keep and then comfortably increase as I got closer to my goal of 4 miles.

The first two miles were fine, keeping at about 8:30/mile.  Well, my left knee felt tight within the first mile.  My IT bands started to yell a little at me.  Other than that, it was fine.  I calculated that I was hitting a mile just about every two songs on my play list.  Not too shabby. Threw me off a little bit before I realized that Helena Beat is longer than the songs before and right after it.  I digress.

So I hit mile 3 and was starting to think, "Oh when will this be over?".  My brain was nearly numb from the repetition of the hamster wheel.  It's beyond boring.  And the corner banks drive me, and my hips, nuts.  OK, time to get over it.

So after the friendly female voice told me I was pretty close to my record distance {at the hamster wheel, that is}, I kicked it up a notch.  All the while, I was trying to suppress the need to answer nature's call.  There's nothing like running a great run, knowing your goal is in sight, and your body telling you that the choice to have that 1/2 coffee, 1/2 hot chocolate in the afternoon, after the turkey burger at lunch, wasn't a wise one.  Extra incentive to go a little faster and get the run done!

Finally, I hit four miles, my goal for the night.  Wow, I just did that!  It felt soooo good.  This was only the second time I've made it all 4 miles on the hamster wheel.  I'm so glad I reached my goal.

Once I completed the run, I realized that I can do it.  I've had doubts about my running, but, no more. 

I left the gym sweaty and hot.  I was confident.  I was full of hot confidence.

I'm going to keep running and racing.  I'm going to run farther, and I'm going to just run.  I'm going to run and have fun.  I'm going to do a 10K in May.  I'm going to just run until race day, and on race day I'm going to run until I finish.  I.cannot.wait.

Dear Saturday: please hurry up and get here, I have a great run to do in the morning!
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