Saturday, April 16, 2011

The running chronicles

It's hard to focus on your next race when you have a little one who is under the weather.  Fred has fallen ill, again, and he and I didn't get much sleep last night.  This comes one week after he spent a week on the couch battling a fever.

The other thing that doesn't help is when you absolutely let go of your healthy eating for one night and enjoy several pieces of pizza and some hot wings.  With blue cheese.  And some beer.  Oh, yum, but it was soooo good last night!

Race day is tomorrow, my second 8K.  I honestly have no idea how I will do.  I won't know anyone, so won't have my newest running partner there with me, helping me keep pace.  The nice thing is that this race is for charity and benefits a wonderful equestrian therapy program where a good family friend volunteers her time.  Being just my 2nd 8K, I know I need to just have fun and take it easy.  After the disappointment I felt when I walked last week, I know I'll be pushing myself not to repeat that mess.  Temps are back down into the 40's, but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny.  Man, when will it just get warm and stay like that?!

I'm trying to stay confident.  Since last week's race, I only did a slow, short run Tuesday night.  I organize my company's participation in the annual JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge, and decided to tell our runners that they can come with me on my evening runs after work.  I've had a few takers, Tuesday being the first of them.  She hasn't run in quite a while, and despite walking a few times, she really did a great job.  It was good for both of us.  I was able to take it slow, walk a little, yet still get out there for one run this week between long races (long for me).  I think it helped eliminate my quad pain, too!

Now I just have to watch my eating today and get my playlist in order for tomorrow.  And get Fred healthy.  And grocery shop.  And get cat food.  And renew my license plates.  And get a hair cut and pedi (cannot wait for that one!!).  And get my race packet.  Not necessarily in that order.

Ya, I am a running mom.  In more ways than one.  Oh boy, I'm gonna need some coffee for this one.