Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Diary of a picky eater, 2 steps forward, how many steps back?

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All was going well in Ethel's food world until last night.  With friends coming over later in the evening and things to prepare for their visit, my time was not plentiful.  I could make either chicken nuggets and tater tots or Mac & Cheese, and I opted for the latter.  A fatal mistake, as it would turn out.  The mere mention of the meal sent Ethel into a tail spin which resulted in lots of yelling, tears, and harsh words coming from her mouth.  The most damning of the statements was, "Mommy doesn't like me, I want nuggets and tater tots!". 

There's nothing like hearing that from your kid, especially when they say it during a fit of rage brought on by something you've already identified as a stressor. And it's even better when it comes less than an hour before your company arrives.

OK, logically I know (or think I know) that she doesn't really think I don't like her.  Logically I also know that this fit was probably brought on because she was tired, hungry, and wanting my attention, which was diverted last night to prep for my guests.  Still, to go from zero to maniac in seconds is just crazy!

After Hot Dad held her door shut for nearly 10 minutes while she tried to beat it down from the other side, she emerged and rested on our bed for a few minutes.  10 minutes, beating on the door, yelling, screaming, crying.  Because now she doesn't like Mac & Cheese.  Dude.

I honestly don't understand the refusal of common, well liked foods.  I don't understand the seemingly unending tantrums over what's being served for dinner.  I don't know how to subside this kind of reaction.

She'll hopefully be happier tonight when I make nuggets and tater tots.  And I will have my full attention to provide the kids.  That is probably the key, attention.  If that's the case, I think Ethel needs a good dose of "suck it up, kid".  If not, then I really hope our doctor appointment later this month gives us some clues.