Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mommy's Project 52:10 Cleaning

Story of my life.  Dishes, laundry, floors, windows, cars, bathrooms, you name it!  It all has to be cleaned!

 As a working mom {isn't that a redundant term?}, I have very little time to clean my house. Well, I should qualify that statement - I have very little time to clean my house to the standards I'd prefer to meet.  That said, when I get the bug, I will spend the better part of a weekend making my house sparkly and fresh; as fresh as a house with four people and two cats (and two cat boxes) can be.

My favourite thing to clean my sink with - vinegar and baking soda!  Makes stainless steel sparkle!
I am very fortunate, however, to have a husband who keeps up with his own laundry and does the dishes after dinner each night.  He's nearly fanatical about the dishes.  He would have a fit looking at this sink right now, in fact (sorry, honey!).
You mean a laundry basket is not a decorative touch?
 If you happen by my house, you're likely to see a laundry basket (or two) in a hallway, dishes in the sink, clutter on the counter, and hopefully you don't step on a sticky spot on the dining room floor.  And I'm fine with that. 

Luckily, I can close the laundry room door, but it hides my prized steam mop {ladies, you HAVE to have one!}.

My small army of cleaning products, minus the baking soda, with a Magic Eraser hiding behind it all.

 I have tried to Fly with the FlyLady, but Fly'ing and ADD aren't a very good mix.  I do what I can when I have the chance, and the energy.  I clean the kids' bathroom while the kids are in the bath.  I use vinegar and baking soda on everything, and it works wonders.  I've found uses for those two products that I never thought were possible.  My Magic Eraser, well, let's say I've proposed several times to no avail, but it still does a helluva job wherever I use it.

HGTV decorator, I am not {stick vac next to china cabinet, but it's where I need it *when* I need it!}.
And when all else fails, I receive guests at night, use candle light and dim lights, and serve them wine.  Works every time.