Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day

Today we celebrate International Women's Day.  On the 8th of March, we honor the many accomplishments and contributions of women, and we recognize the struggles and obstacles women face today around the world. 

This year's theme for is "Connecting girls, inspiring futures".  The website's theme is widely used by organizations everywhere in their IWD events.  The United Nations has an overall theme for International Women's Day, and in 2012 that theme is "Empower rural women - End hunger and poverty".  There are regional and local themes around the world, as well, which bring awareness to issues closer to home.

There are events held throughout the month of March which support IWD.  An event can be something as simple as spreading the word and asking people to support women owned businesses, or organizations which support the education of young girls.  Perhaps you will support IWD by volunteering at a women's shelter, or buying a bracelet from a female owned business who donates portions of their proceeds to an organization that provides health care to girls in impoverished areas.  Perhaps you'll Tweet, blog, or otherwise spread the word about IWD and powerful women in your life.  Maybe you and your girlfriends will get together after work to enjoy sisterhood and friendship.

Whatever you do today, I encourage you to visit the links above and learn more about IWD and spread the word.

To find IWD events in the US, click here. There, you can also search events worldwide, and maybe get ideas for your own IWD event.