Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Our Easter weekend

Hm, maybe I should have picked the 'lime'...

...that's OK, my green is going to look awesome!

...just the beginning...

Red.  That's so 40 seconds ago.

Ya, but my red is going to kick your lime's butt!

Touche! {no, the beer isn't Ethel's}

Hope the local hens aren't reading this.
Fun outside before our Easter Seder (ask later)

What's some good fun without some,

Daddy to the rescue

Fred is in heaven.  I'm still working on the grass
stains on the knees.

Obligatory action shot.

That Easter bunny, leading
us out of Ethel's room with
jelly beans...

...and out of Fred's room...
...down the stairs... our Easter baskets!!

"I got PEZ!!"

What?  The Bunny hid an egg on the
back of the toilet?

We totally scored.  And we're going to
drive you crazy!!

...until we find the iPods.

Another soldier down.