Friday, April 13, 2012

Mommy's Project 52:37 Pretending

Speaking of 'pretending', let's pretend this entry was on time, shall we?  :)

I pretend I'm a good cook.  I pretend I'm interested in every single story my kids tell me.  I pretend I'm a good house keeper.  OK, you're right, I don't even pretend to be that!

So pretending is something we all do, not just our kids.  Granted, the kids are much better at it than we adults, but let's be honest, who hasn't pretended to be happy for their friend who just got engaged to a total jerk?  Or pretended we weren't bothered by something our spouse/SO has done or said?  Or pretended we don't mind taking out the trash?  I thought so.

My kids pretend like it's their jobs.  As a parent, pretending is my job!  Honestly, though, they are a joy and I love their imaginations and all the wonderful adventures they have together when they use their imaginations.

The ultimate pretend: playing with dolls (Ethel '06)
Hot Dad pretending to be asleep (Easter morn '12)
Doodle, pretending to be OK with the St. Patrick's Day
crown Ethel made her

Fred, pretending his cars are doing a car show

Time to come out and admit it, you pretend, too.  Come on, everybody's doing it.