Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mommy's Project 52:41 Entertaining

For Mother's Day, Ethel's class put on an afternoon performance of three short plays, and two pieces of 'choral speaking'.  In each of the three stories, including The Ugly Duckling, there was a narrator or two, and several kids acted out the plays.  It was adorable!  Ethel was Narrator 1 in The Ugly Duckling.  I have to admit, I got a little choked up seeing all the kids acting before all the parents.  It was exciting to watch, as the performance had two purposes; A) to celebrate Mother's Day; B) as exhibition of the progress all the kids have made in their reading during first grade.  

It is so meaningful that K's teacher arranged for this performance, as we got first-hand evidence of the work the kids have been putting in all year.  The reading we do each night, the work they do during class, and the practice they put in to do these plays was right there before us.

Some of the kids really got into it, exaggerating their lines or their actions, bringing well deserved laughter from the audience.  Others focused and read their lines, their concentration written all over their face.   Ethel was a good narrator, demanding silence from the audience with her muted voice   {um, where the hell is that mute at home?}

Here are some pictures from this very entertaining performance.  You have to settle for pictures, as I didn't get any video.

"There once was....", that's my narrator!
Paying attention to the performance

Introducing the cast, one by one!