Friday, June 29, 2012

Mommy's Project 52:48 Loud

Every summer I look forward to, and dread, the sound of the cicadas.  It's one true sign that summer is really here.  At first, their din is calming and reassuring.  It isn't long, though, before we struggle to hold conversations outside at night because the sound is almost deafening.  For such useless, irrelevant bugs, they sure as hell are LOUD!

I like to watch TV when I go to bed.  I catch the 9:00 news, maybe some Real Housewives, and if I can stay awake long enough, maybe some Tonight Show.  In the winter, it's not a problem for me to hear the TV.  I do have Tinnitus, though, and when it's bad, I do have to turn the volume up a smidge.

In the summer, I like to keep the windows open as much as I can, especially at night.  I prefer fresh air to the air conditioning when it's not super humid and temps are below 90.  I keep a fan in the window to bring in the overnight cool air, and it feels so good to sleep in a room that's got that little bit of summer night chill.
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The fan offers some nice white noise, sometimes drowning out the cicadas, sometimes just adding another layer of noise.  Thus, the TV volume must go up.  The kids have music playing in each of their rooms at night, adding yet another layer of sound.  Seems that by the time I get settled in bed, I've got the TV volume so high, I have trouble falling asleep because it's blaring at me!  If I'm having a particularly bad spell with the Tinnitus, that's it!

There are so many sounds of summer that I look forward to every year, like lawn mowers, cicadas, sprinklers, and kids outside playing.  Sometimes, though, when you put them all together, it's really LOUD!