Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This is crazy!

Yes, I am a bad blogger of late.  I've fallen behind on Mommy's Project 52, kid updates, running updates, and basically being here.  Yes, I'm a bad blogger.  Please forgive me.

In the last month or so:

I went to Derby.  Loved it.
I finished PT.  Love that.
I ran a 5K, 3.5 mile, 8K, and a 10 miler, and a Ragnar Relay.  Loved them.
We had a garage sale and sold the Pack n Play (the last baby item).  I love that we made some money.  Jury is out on the PnP part.
I traveled for work.  Detroit - meh.
Ethel finished first grade, and her 7 years in day care.  I cried.
Fred 'graduated' from the pre-k program at day care and we went to the 'ceremony'.  I didn't cry.  That night.
Ethel started a new summer camp.  Loves it.
Fred started t-ball.  Loves it.

I need to update on my hip and my running, since marathon training started last week.  Ya, I kind of decided that this past weekend's Ragnar would be my first week's mileage, so I'll leave it at that.  I hope to get out this week for some more miles each day.  The weather will be great for it.

My hip is sore again, after 2.5 weeks of no pain at the end of April, beginning of May.  I guess when you start running again, there is going to be some amount of sore/pain to go along with it.  Sure.

I discovered my disdain for a song I hadn't heard before I spent time in a van with 5 other smelly runners this past weekend (review of Ragnar to come).  Suffice it to say, Call Me Maybe is now a fixture in my brain and I'm doing all that I can to get it out.  Enjoy that little clip of the impromptu dance party my van mates and I had before I ran my third (of 3) leg on Saturday morning at Ragnar.  :)

Anyway, all that to say, it's been very busy.  I will be taking time later this week to sit down and get some time online doing things like updating my blog and sharing stories of the madness that is our life here in the 'burbs. 

I've been trying to make time to savor a cup of coffee in the morning, and relax with a glass of wine at night, but that never seems to happen.  This whole adulthood thing is for the birds, I tell ya!

Hang with me.  I'm here.  This is crazy!