Friday, June 1, 2012

Where did my babies go?

Fred can fully recognize his letters (has for a while now), and their sounds. He is trying as hard as he can to read, to put letters and their sounds together to form words. He wants to read like Ethel does. It's so cute. I am trying to work with him without pushing too much. I know he'll get there, and kindy starts in the fall, so I feel good that he's at this stage.  Just last night I pulled out a workbook for him to try his hand at.  It's simple sight words, tracing the letters and identifying the (mostly three/four letter) words that belong with the pictures.  He killed it.  Scary.  I had to talk him into stopping so we could eat dinner.  I think he wants to be able to read what I write about him and his sister on Facebook.

They are working on numbers at (day care) school now, and he has gotten so much better writing them. His number 3 was horrific not long ago, but now it's recognizable as a 3. They are up to letter 8 or 9, and he loves practicing writing them.

Bookworms in the making
 I told Ethel that I'd like her to write a note, to both the day care director and to her first grade teacher, before next week when both experiences end. She asked if she can write to her first grade teacher and ask her to tell the principal that Ethel wishes she could go to school all summer. All year, even. She said it with the most glimmery eyes, with magic in her face, and a hope that you usually see from kids in a toy store hoping their parents will buy them all the Angry Birds on the shelf. Seriously, she loves going to school and has asked me several times if she can keep going all summer.

Evidence that perhaps she's not my child. {??}

Ethel gave me tons of hugs and kisses the other night. This is totally out of the norm for her, she rarely even accepts them, let alone give them. She was more loving that night than I've seen her in a long time. It was wonderful, and I told her how much I liked that, and that it made me feel good.  She smiled and smiled.  She even let me put braids in her hair twice in the last week.  I can't help but think she wants, or did, something.

Yes, I might be the most cynical parent on the planet right now. I'm OK with that. Or maybe I'm just in denial that my kids are growing up.  Either way, I am happy to see the progress both kids are making, and watching them grow up is something I treasure. 

For now, I still have a first grader (3.5 more days) and a five year old who is home with me on my work at home days (kindy starts in the fall).  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  Now where's my coffee?  Is it too early for wine?