Monday, June 24, 2013

Something new, Smiling Monkeys

I'm not the world's most creative mom. I work. I have two kids. Who has time for that stuff?

One morning last summer, my kids were just super cute as we made our way to the car on the way to summer camp. I had to snap a shot. It was such a nice moment {ie: no crying, protesting, no word 'no'...}.

It's true, we do have these kinds of mornings sometimes.

I have this picture as my wallpaper on my phone, and I adore it. They look so carefree. So summer.

It got me thinking a month or so ago, that I should take their picture each morning. So I started to do so.

Some mornings are more pleasant than others. Some, not so much. Still, I take their picture.

I post them to Facebook.

And now, I will post them here. I will try daily, but, hey, I'm human. I'm a mom. I go to work. I snap these shots as we dash out of the house. Cut me some slack.

Here is today's submission. Two relatively happy kids on their way to camp. Early in the morning.