Tuesday, October 25, 2016

You have to start somewhere

I plan our dinners two weeks at a time. I have tried many methods to this madness, as it can be monotonous to keep writing menus for four people with vastly different tasted and preferences. I don't really plan breakfasts and lunches, as I do my own breakfast, the kids eat cereal every weekday morning, and Hot Dad doesn't generally eat breakfast. The kids pack their own lunches for school, Hot Dad usually buys fast food or something, and I pack leftovers, salads, or whatever I can whip up at 0'dark:30 in the morning before work.

This weekend I planned out my two week menu and grocery list so that I would be prepared when I begin this Whole30 next week. I'm gently phasing out my morning coffee, and by next Tuesday I'll be at least four days coffee-free. My biggest challenge right now is the World Series. I've never in my lifetime had to worry about sports in October taking over any aspect of my life, but now the CHICAGO CUBS ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES. Holy mother of pearl. Let's just hope that we don't need those last two games. Please.

While this isn't a huge challenge in the great big picture of life, it just seems contradictory to celebrate or toast the big game (and a big victory) with peppermint tea or a big glass of ice water. I'm fine with the no alcohol part of this whole thing, overall, but, come on, THE CUBS ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!! If ever there was a test of my willpower, this will be it. No wine. No Old Style. No.booze.at.all. During the World Series. This makes Thanksgiving look like a drop in the Whole30 bucket.

I guess that the World Series isn't my *only* challenge over this 30 day time. I had already accounted for Thanksgiving, but, that one is pretty easy in the grand scheme of things. One day, one big meal, I just planned to come prepared with a side that I can enjoy along with the turkey. Done.

Have you ever decorated a Christmas tree? Are we friends on Facebook? If you answered yes, have you ever wanted to "unfriend" me over Thanksgiving weekend while I spend the weekend dealing with two cats, two kids, two trees, and a zillion stupid lights that only burn out after I've woven them into the branches of the tree(s)? Have you? Do you know how many bloody marys that weekend demands? How many bottles of wine it takes to get through each evening before the tree is finally done and the house looks more like a home than a battlefield of Christmas crap? This is the part that I hadn't taken fully into account when I chose November as my magic month. Decorating for the holidays. November is quickly proving to be a tough time for this undertaking. But I'm up for it. I am.

Want to know why I'm up for it? Because regardless of when it happens, change is hard. There isn't a single month when there isn't *something* going on, and if I wanted until a month without something going on, I would be waiting for the rest of my life. Because I have to shake things up in order to get my brain fully in the game. There's no time like the present.

It begins, for me, one week from today. I am ready. I am excited to be trying some new recipes this week and next. I am excited to start feeling better. I am excited for more energy, to lose a few pounds, and to establish some new habits. I'm excited. I'm ready. GO CUBS!!!!