Sunday, March 21, 2010

Me time, week 9

The week started with a glimmer of spring.  Really it did.  You wouldn't know it today, though.  I sit here in my spot at Panera, overlooking snow covered grass, trees, and bushes.  What happened to warm temperatures, bright blue skies, and the sound of children finally escaping the confinement of winter?  Sadly, it's taken a break.

Last weekend we began our spring cleaning.  I made a list of things to do and we got one room mostly done.  We filed away the stacks of papers, sorted through over a year's worth of art projects from both kids, and purged lots of unnecessary paperwork.  I made folders for things in the file cabinets, and the desktop is now free from clutter and piles.  Part of what is going to help me with ADD is being free from clutter and distraction.  Making a place for everything from bills to art projects makes me feel so much better.  I don't feel as anxious when I enter the guest room where the computer is.  The room feels more functional and peaceful.  Our next step in that room is to minimize the desk and install shelving to house the computer, printer, and fun trinkets that we like to keep on display in there.  After a trip to the Container Store last weekend, I became inspired, and made a plan for the room.  Can't wait to get it going.

Today we'll tackle our bedroom.  They say your bedroom is your sanctuary and should be a place to find calm, quiet, and relaxation.  Right now, you can find dust, laundry, and more dust.  Today we will deconstruct the room and clean it from top to bottom.  I cannot wait to crawl into bed tonight in my clean, hopefully organized room.  I've toyed with posting pictures on Rate my Space but haven't done so yet. 

One thing that's bugging the bejeezus out of me right now is that our camera, our Canon Power Shot A590 IS won't keep a charge, or so it appears.  After replacing the coin battery and both AA's, it still won't power up, or it takes two pictures and tells me to change the batteries.  I JUST DID!!!!  Honestly, it's become my mission to fix this darn thing.  I know of a couple camera shops in the area, but, am determined to figure out the problem myself.  I did read online somewhere that there was a problem with the battery contacts which is prevalent with the A590 IS, but, only saw that once on a Q&A page.  Will be researching more today.

As everyone knows, it's March Madness.  Yes, our house is generally consumed this time of year with brackets, squares, and lots of quality time with CBS and  This year, Daddy and I didn't buy into any squares, but, we're crazy with our brackets.  My alma mater didn't make it to the Big Dance this year, unfortunately, so I was left to struggle with actually putting together a bracket based on season records and injury reports.  My current feeling on the tournament - who really cared about the Midwest region anyway, right?  Ya, Kansas and Georgetown stung me in one bracket.  That's alright, I have one bracket still alive and I hope the rest of round two today goes better for me than yesterday.  My saving grace is that I'm not alone.  Well, it doesn't make it all better, but, at least some of the experts went down with me. 

I'm feeling pretty good about things today.  I have some positive energy, I feel somewhat rested, and am looking forward to all things spring and summer.  I'm relaxed here in my spot at Panera, and am looking forward to tuna steaks for dinner.   Yum. 

I need to plan my menu for the next two weeks, to include dinner next Sunday for Daddy's family.  He has recently reconnected, after 7 years apart, with one of his cousins from his father's side.  It's been a long time since we've seen or talked with anyone from this side of Daddy's family, and he is very much looking forward to it.  Cousin #1 will be coming with her three children and her father, Daddy's uncle.  My plan is to clean my house top to bottom and wow their pants off.  I love to entertain, so I'm going to try to plan a meal that will bring the house down.  Need to think about appetizers and wine, and of course a yummy dessert.  Gonna take some thinkin', I think!

I guess Mother Nature has a plan for us.  I guess I should take the cold and snow as my clue to get working inside so I can sooner enjoy the outside.  When I think about it, that's just what I'm doing for ME.  I'm working on the inside of me so that I can enjoy all of what is around me.  My husband, my kids, my home, my friends, my world.  Funny how things all seem to work together.