Monday, November 21, 2016

Day 21, Interlude day - nine.more.days....

There are nine days left in this Whole30. Nine.days.left. It feels odd to be saying that when all month long it's felt more like a month left every day. The end is near. It's almost bittersweet. I'm settling in to the point where I almost wonder how to eat any other way. Well, let's not get wild. I am really looking forward to my morning coffee and coconut milk creamer, and the ultimate pay off - a glass of wine. For now, though, I've found some new recipes and love what I've made, and I enjoy looking for new stuff to make and I look forward to eating it.

I'm not ready for a summary just yet, but I can say these few things about the process so far:
  • Overall bloating is way down. It's incredible how used to being bloated we get without realizing it.
  • My watch is loose on my wrist. See above point.
  • Prosciutto. Need I say more?
  • Sleep is sooooo much better. Without the uppers (coffee) and downers (alcohol) to fuel the daily duel, it's amazing how good sleep can be. Except, of course, if your cat sleeps on your head like mine does. 
  • Steamed brussels sprouts. Who knew?
  • I have so much more energy. Wow.
Two tidbits I do have at this stage, however, should help you decide if fall is a good time for you to try a Whole30.

  1. There is a reason they don't encourage you to do a Whole30 at/around the holidays. One word - Thanksgiving.
  2. Fall time change. Yikes. I hadn't anticipated my changing energy levels in conjunction with the time change. It's midnight before I leave work at 4:30PM.
Tidbits and challenges aside, I truly enjoy the way I'm feeling and the way my clothes fit me now. I look forward to getting things accomplished on weekends because I know I won't be dragging in the morning from eating like crap the night before or having too many glasses of wine.

Nine more days. No biggie, right?